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Hi, narrative writing is causing me a head ache. I am over 60,000 words into a novel but I seem to work backwards. Snippets of dialogue and story ideas come into my head at random and I peice tham together like a patchwork quilt until a plot line emerges. But then the bit I don't like - the narrative, the filling in the gaps. I want to persevere with the novel (not write screen plays as was once sugested) so I would like to ask you if you have any advice to make narrative writing, if not easier, then more enjoyable.  


The narrative part of a novel is, in fact, that part of the novel that makes it something of wonder.  The prose is where the writer has her chance to shine.  Dialogue is all well and good, but dialogue does not tell the story (in the vast majority of cases), nor should it (in the vast majority of cases).

The narrative is where you get to do the really interesting stuff: go inside your characters.  Think of this... with human beings in general, how often do we tell other people how we're really feeling, what we're really thinking, etc.?  Almost never.  Same way with your characters.  The real emotive stuff is happening inside them.  They're not going to be blabbing about their most private thoughts, their most intimate feelings, with others.  No, that's for you to share with the reader through narrative.  The narrative (or part of it) is the interior, rather than the exterior.  The narrative is the facial expressions, the body language of the actor, rather than the words that come out of his mouth.  We often say one thing when we mean another, and in fiction, this makes for good storytelling.

Obviously, narrative has other functions, too, but this is a major one.  It's exciting stuff, narrative!  Honest!  It's the meat of your story... dialogue is just gravy.

Now, I can't really make writing narrative EASIER for you.  But I hope by looking at narrative this way, it makes it more exciting and more ENJOYABLE for you.

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