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Hi, im 18 years old and i for a while now, i have been wanting to write. I need some help on how to develop my character and learn a bit about a structure of a book. Any kind of help would be really nice. I would like to write something and see how good it is, because im going to college in half a year and i would like to know if writing would be a good career for me, and if im any good. Thank you, i appreciate all your help

Hello, Yuriy!

No one starts out as a fine writer.  Writing is a learning activity, and so presents a "learning curve."  The only way to begin riding the curve is to hop on!  Sign up for a creative writing course (structure and character development, and plot and story); a literature course (plot and story and more structure and character along with theme and subtext and analysis); and an English grammar and usage course (this last one you must take.  I noticed your written English was bearly literate enough to write out your question.)  After experience in these three courses, you will have a better idea of how you feel about writing as a career move.

Youngbear Roth

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