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Hello Vincent, it is so nice to be able to speak to such a well respected writer person like me.
I am currently writing a book call "Elidin. The Loney Martian Boy". It is about a small boy called Elidin (which is a popular name in council house areas in Spalding, UK) who is sent here by Martian scientists to explore our World in order to trade with us once they have revealed they exist. Elidin however suffers from severe Martian depression which is commonly found in young adolescent martians between the ages of 45- 90 (which is the teenage years for a Martian as they live till they are 150). Also martian years are slightly shorter, by around seven days. The Martian people want to trade their fruit with us in exchange for cress as there is a shortage of that on Mars, however Elidin just wants to go home and spends most of his time in his human foster parents house depressed.
My question is, now that I have wrote over two hundred pages I do not know how to end it! Please Help!
Thanks and Hup Cheep,

Hi, Graham.

With what you've presented me, I really can't offer you much.  I really don't know what your story is about.  Yes, a depressed Martian... but that doesn't tell me much.  (By the way... a Martian year isn't shorter than an Earth year, but nearly twice as long.)

So what's your story really about?  Is it about depression?  Is it about overcoming depression?  Is it about something altogether different?  I can't tell from your paragraph above.

What's the climax of your story going to accomplish?  Is a problem going to be solved?  Is it about Elidin's personal growth/change?

These things are important for you to know how to end your story.

Keep in mind there are only five possible endings to any story:

1.  The hero gets what he wants and is happy.  This is the familiar ending of romantic comedies, action/adventures, etc.

2.  The hero gets what he wants, but is unhappy.  Here, the protagonist achieves his goal, but it doesnít bring the satisfaction he expected.  Think of the movie The Graduate.

3.  The hero doesn't get what he wants, but is happy anyway.  This is where the hero fails in his goals, but is happy because heís gotten something unexpectedly better.  Many teen love stories follow this pattern Ė boy chases popular girl, only to realize his true love is his nerdy female friend.

4.  The hero doesn't get what he wants, and is unhappy.  Generally, this sort of ending is reserved for unlikable protagonists who get what they deserve.  Sometimes it is used for likable characters who confront their own flaws but refuse to change.

5.  The hero changes his mind about what he wants.  Here, the protagonist realizes the thing heís after isnít really what he wants.  He could then get something else that makes him happy (as above) or he may not, but still be content with this new insight into himself.

Hopefully these will help you a bit.


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