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I'm interested in studying the structure of non-linear novels. I recently read Ondattje's "The English Patient" and David Mitchell's "Cloud Atlas". Could you recommend anymore titles, especially if the non-linear structure emphasizes a theme about how people experience time and/or physical space. Thanks!!!


Stephen...since I don't write this way, I don't feel that I can adequately comment on this narrative and sometimes stream of consciousness approach to story telling.  As in everything...different strokes for different folks.

I checked out Googe and there are several interesting sites, especially in the Sci-Fi genre that might be of interest to you and have suggestions on books that are non-linear.

Personally I like structured stories...I'm one of those "strange" people what actually read the ending of a book first...and I also plot my books that way...

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.   Sue

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