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Can you give me any pointer's on how to write a good small nonfiction book for the family regarding their ancestry.

Also, should one bother to try and get a small book about their family published? If so, where does one begin?

Overall, about how much does a small nonfiction book cost to publish, can you give me a general idea?

Start by taking stock of all of your material---what you have, what you still need to fill in gaps.

Then, think about the style you want the book to have---a narrative, scrapbook, short blurbs about people, lists etc.

Search on the internet for sites offering ideas for documenting family history.

I don't know about your family so I can't speak to the viability of publishing. And if that is your aim, you'll want to visit the format concept above more closely by examining formatting used by successful competitive books.

To self-publish a book you intend to sell, budget roughly $15,000. if you are thinking more of a gift book that you personally give, Kinkos can help you for several hundred dollars. To publish with a traditional publisher, slightly less. To learn more about how those two paths differ, visit and go to the FREE Info Downloads link on the left menu. There is an article there discussing the differences, pros and cons of each.

I hope that helps---I think you will benefit most by framing your choices on who your audience will be---family, or, readers beyond your family. If you feel it is readers beyond your family, dedicate a fair amount of consideration to whether or not your family story is compelling, unique etc. to people outside of your family tree before moving forward.

---Gail Richards

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