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Well, I've been trying to figure out exactly what I will be writing about, and I have found my topic. There's only a few problems that I notice I used/still have.

1. I would write down what happens as I thought it up

2. I didn't know how to do proper dialogue

3. I don't know the exact structure to which I set up my novel before I begin to write it.

I am writing a Trilogy, and I was wondering should I plan the entire thing out, or do it book-by-book.


Certainly, the more planning you're able to do ahead of time, the better things generally work out.  Of course, you have to be careful about planning fiction, because fiction tends to take on a life of its own.  It's not like writing an outline for a reference book, after all.  Fiction "outlines" generally will be very sparse, with a general direction, but with very little (if anything) that is set in stone.  In other words, be wary of making an outline and then being married to it; be open to change as you're writing.

Dialogue, of course, is important, and there are any number of good books out there to help you become better at dialogue.  I recommend to my students that they pay attention to how dialogue is done in the movies.  It's often quite well done.  (Not on TV; most TV dialogue sucks.)

The structure of your book is also something that will depend a lot on the type of book you're writing.  If you can find a copy, get your hands on SCENE & STRUCTURE by Jack Bickham.

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