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Writing Books/Novel Publishing Hubs of the World & The Importance of Proximity for an Aspiring Novelist


That's certainly an impressive slate of Life Experience in your bio.

I hope you'll still have the time ;) to offer me  your insight into the importance of location to an, as yet, unpublished novelist.

If you could live anywhere in the world and you had money to support yourself adequately prior to making your break as a novelist, where would offer the greatest advantages?

What are the hubs of the English language novel publishing world New York and London?
Does LA, or any other city, wield a comparable clout?

I imagine that, unlike the movie business, the writer has less need of, and derives less benefit from, living cheek to cheek with their market.
Is that so?

Thank you for making the time to read my enquiry.

I will be most grateful for any feedback and advice you can offer.



Caution:  all comments are personal.

While New York is the hub of the publishing world, authors don't need to live anywhere near there.  If you consider personal contact with publishers important, you can make periodic visits.

It's more important, in my view, to live where you'll find the best atmosphere in which to do your writing.  What kind of topography and climate most appeal to you?  Do you write better in the midst of urban hustle and bustle or in more rural surroundings.  What kind of terrain inspires you?

The quality of your work is going to determine your success.  Concentrate on the variables that will most influence quality.  Air travel is inexpensive and, once your writing has established a reputation, visits to publishers become unnecessary.  They'll come to you.

Good luck.  

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