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I have a question about my novel. It is a work of fiction. I was snooping around the internet, trying to find a way to get it published. Only I don't know where to begin. Who is fraudulent, and who is not? I need help, I'm kinda lost. My novel is a story of the adventures of an american officer in WWII. His experiences in love, the fear of war, friendships, and so on. I poured my heart and soul into this, and I would hate to be taken advantage of. Please help, I would forever be grateful. Shiloh I.

Dear Shiloh:

I wish I could help you in your search for a publisher, but the only honest one I know is myself! Unfortunately, I don't have the time to do the research which might reveal the bona fides of the various online publishers. That's one reason I decided to publish my own books. I am accepting submissions at this time, if you are interested, please go to http://www.webspawner.com/users/rand49/index.html. (You'll have to cut and paste as this site does not support hyperlinks). My site is not quite finished, so I'm not doing much advertising yet.

But in any case, what can they do to you?  Even if they are "fraudulent" the most they can do is try to separate you from your money. Of course you will not give them your credid card number or access to your bank account or anything dumb like that. If they do ask for money up front you can just go on to another. Once you've settled on one that seems okay, you can open a conversation with them and ask the important questions. Check their stats: are they selling any books AT ALL? Some publishers will sell your book chapter by chapter with a subscription - when the third or fourth chapter has been paid for, they will allow access. Make sure they have your goods protected so those who buy your chapters can't make copies to distribute free to their friends.

EPublishing is indeed the wave of the future. If I were you, I'd do what I did: make yourself a website and put your book up and sell it from there. It would be a good idea to hire someone to make it for you if you view HTML as a foreign language. Again, my services are available!

Before you try to sell it or put it on the Net, make sure it's the very best writing you are capable of. And I can help you there, too! All for a fee, of course.

I hope this has helped. If it has, a nice rating would be greatly appreciated. I am proud of my high score over 450+ questions.

And good luck with your book!  

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