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What are the minimum number of pages can a chapter/novel have?

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How many chapters does a novel have and how do I write an interesting novel?
Hi Jasmin:

There is no rule for how many chapters a novel requires.  How ever many chapters it takes to resolve the conflict in the novel is the number of chapters it takes.

As to your question on how to write an interesting novel there's several hundred books and courses and conferences out there to answer that.  I couldn't cover all the info you need here.

So, I sugest you start at your local library for books on how to write a novel.  Or, search on-line for classes offered.  As a place to start, concentrate on all aspects of conflict in writing fiction.

Sorry I can't be more helpful but you've asked quite a broad question!

Liz Aleshire

Hi Jasmin:

Here again there is no hard and fast rule for the number of pages in a chapter.  Check out any Clive Cussler novel with his protagonist Dirk Pitt and you'll find chapters as short as one page.

Novels on the other hand, while I've never heard of a rule for how short they can be, do have limits for a maximum number of pages based on what type of book it is.  Category Romances are shorter than mainstream contemporary novels for instance.

I've heard that novellas should run 50 to 100 pages so it might be safe to assume that the minimum for a novel is 100 pages.  But length is somethng that changes from publisher to publisher so I'd advise again that you do some research.  Determine what kind df novel you want to write and then get some guidelines from publishers on what they want.

It sounds to me that you are at the very beginning of your writing adventure so I'll repeat that you need to do alot of research and reading on these topics.

Enjoy the ride!

Liz Aleshire

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