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Well, I have a small question about publishing.

I'm hoping to write a book about a certain time in my life, and the majority of the book is about a relationship I had with someone and about them in general, speaking of the negatives and positives we went through. Do I need to ask that person's permission to write about them and our relationship before I publish it?

Thank you for your time =).


Well I think you should at least tell this person that you are doing it. They may want you to change their name or not write it all together.
I think it depends what you wrote about them, if you said they were a horrible person and veiwed them as a nasty person I dont think you should publish it.
If you veiw them in a nice way or show as a result of that relationship you realised something about yourself then it should be OK.
I would go over what you have written, or are going to write and think about it.
Ask the person about it and maybe show them the book then allow them to decide, you may think that it doesnt matter what they say but if you do veiw them in a nasty manner and tell the reader their name and personnal details then they could start a legal issue against you, so if you do get their permission make sure that you are careful about what you write.

I hope this helps, good luck and tell me if their are any other problems!

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