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Dear Sir,
I am an Engineering Graduate with around 14 years of experience in Industry and in an Engineering College.
I've written a book for Engineering Graduates and the book is ready for publication.
Kindly answer my following questions:

* How much money can I expect to make compared to the time I must put into a book?
* How do I find a publisher?
* What goes into a book proposal?
* Can I find an agent or publisher through the Internet?
* How do I promote my book?  

Dear Padma,
Thank you very much for your letter. At my website for writers I have posted an article on how to find a publisher. See
Right now my server is down for repairs, but they say they will get it going again soon (was supposed to be fixed by 8 a.m. today but I'm still waiting).
Once the site is fixed and after you read the article, please write back with any further questions.
I will try to answer your points that are not covered in my article.
re. money. Selling books does not pay very much in cash, however, it has other benefits. First and most important, a book will set you apart from others in your field. Having a published book that is well accepted makes you an authority. That will pay you back in terms of career success beyond what the book might pay in royalties.
Besides the resources mentioned in my article, you can use the Internet to look up publishers. Some of them accept inquiries through email. The best thing is to find publishers who do books like the one you are writing and look up their websites. Also, use the Writer's Market handbook if you're trying to find a U.S. publisher.
Here is one site i've used to locate publishers online.
When it gets to promoting your book, you will want to find places to speak in public. That includes bookstores, conferences, schools, and so on. Usually your publisher will help you book venues, but you can also do it on your own. Publishers appreciates any effort the author can put into promotion.
Some publishers don't have much budget for promotion, especially university presses, which may be where your book is headed. In that case, they REALLY appreciate any effort an author can make.
One last word, remember that after you find a publisher you may have to put more writing and revision into your book. Authors always have to do one to ten more revisions than they think they can stand to do. So don't let that discourage you.
Also, i recommend finding a real publisher, rather than self-publish. A book on engineering has a good chance of finding a home in a publishing house.
I hope this helps.

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due to hacking of this website I am no longer answering questions

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