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I am a young writer that has been writing before I could write; telling stories to my mom and then she would write it down. Well, for the past year I haven't been able to write ANYTHING. Lately, though, I have had many great ideas and I'm just dying to write it, but, my weakness has held me back; plot. I can never think up a plot I am pleased with and I am willing to stick with to write about for an entire novel.
I am especially frustrated this time and have decided to ask as many as I can for advice on thinking up a plot. It may be I don't understand or maybe it's easier than I think; all I know is I'm VERY frustrated and devastated for not writing a book for so long. I miss it and I want my writing skills to grow so I can become a published author when I am an adult.

Take it easy.   The people that are hardest on themselves are the authors or artistic folks.  The key for many writers is write it or create it in piles as the heat of the concept hits you.  You may write many pcs and they may all come together when you least expect it.  There is no set way in doing this but write it down and it may all come together and sign up for parapublishing.com newletter Dan has helped many.

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