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I have a fiction book that is almost ready for printing. I am self publishing. How do I take what I've written in Word and prepare it for publishing? What is "the standard" paper stock and what number PPI should I ask for. I know the size of the book, the margin measurements, and the letter font I want to use, but that's about it. Also,is there a directory of printers that is available? Thanks in advance for your help. Tom

Good question.  Many printers including myself can print from word just make sure that you save and send as a PDF and you have a feel for the size of the book.  Most books are 5.5X8.5 and 6X9.  Standard paper stock is a 50# offset and the ppi is 520.  With regard to a directory of printers plug in book printers as your search word and there is a bunch and we are one of them.  I will help you in anyway I can the info is free.
Tom Campbell
www.adibooks.com and www.kingprinting.com

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