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Dear Mr. Brody:

I've recently completed my second book, a collection of satirical shorts, and I am trying to procure an agent. A few of them have requested to read my entire manuscript, only to pass on the basis that it's too "cynical" or "edgy". Yet this is the material that interests me.

Short of becoming a "fast food" genre writer, or imitating "chick-lit" fluff--to appease the market--how I can publish my work?

My own research has sadly revealed...small presses. It appears they are the only ones who'll touch "edgy" material, yet I'm leery about their quality and potential for success.

I would appreciate any input you have to avoid shelving this book as I did the first: Unpublished.

Thank you very much,
Jack V.

You might consider self-publishing via one of the "on demand" houses and/or via a web site.  I'd suggest you take a look at  Several of their authors have been "picked up" by commercial houses.  Their costs are relatively low.

You also can sell a PDF version or a hard copy via a web site.  Site set-up is inexpensive and hosting should not cost you more than $10 to $15 a month.  I'd offer the first chapter and table of contents free and charge for the complete version.

Good luck.

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