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Okay. I have a book written. A non-fiction one. I think American Girl will publish it, as it fits into their guidelines. But their guidelines also say to send a self-addressed stamped envelope. I've heard that writers should not send those. And if I do mail the manuscript, how will I know whether they want to publish it or not?

Thanks for the question.  You can send your manuscipt to many different folks and see if they are interested in publishing your book.  The return envelope is to send it back to you with a nice note that says they are not interested however once in a while you get lucky and they will publish your work but will probably want to retain the rights for themselves or will want to work out a deal with you.  The other option is to print the book and sell it yourself which more and more folks are doing.  If you are interested in that avenue check out www.parapublishing.com for some great information.  If I can be of further assistance let me know.

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