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Hi. I have written my book but I need a publish. I don't want to have to pay
anything or have to have any of my money taken. I also don't know how to
publish it myself. This book i wrote is starting to get very confusing to complete.  
Please help!


 Is your book fiction or non-fiction?
 If it is either---check out the wealth of information at these two sites:

 If it is non-fiction check out these sites:
http://www.naww.org (National Association of Women Writers)

One thing you do need to know is that you WILL have to pay something at some point, with the goal of making it back in book sales over time. Whether that is for editing, cover design, marketing assistance or printing...will depend on the situation with your specific book. It's not realistic to think that this will all happen at the outset at no cost and this applies to both fiction and non-fiction, self-publishing as well as traditional publishing (with a publisher) It's simply the way the process works.

I hope this information will point you in the right direction of the knowledge you need to become a happily, successfully published author.

All the best,

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