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I have considered using Dog Ear Publishing Company to Publish my book. Do you know anything about that Publishing Company. Also, I was considering purchasing marketing as a part of my package what do you think about that idea.

When I Googled a variety of ways I thought I could find Dog Ear Publishing Company, nothing came up, so I can't comment on them based on reviewing the site.

I do want to pass along some info to help you make your decision in the long run which I think you will find helpful as you evaluate your options:

Know what you are getting by understanding which direction is flowing. There are many companies out there with names ending in "publishing company". That can be deceiving.

If you were to work with a traditional publisher the money would flow from THEM TO YOU. That means they think enough of your manuscript to invest in it's potential success.

Working with a vanity publisher means that the money flows from YOU TO THEM. You provide the manuscript/materials and they provide the book based on whatever production formula they use.

Print on demand publishers are essentially vanity publishers that provide additional publishing services like editing, cover design, interior design etc. Money flows from YOU TO THEM.The fact that you can purchase a Marketing package tells me that this is likely what you are looking at.

Print on demand book printers print the material you provide them as part of your self-publishing effort. Money flows from YOU TO THEM. This enables you to call the shots at every step, doing what you are good at, hiring out to the right people for the rest. They do not provide extra services, their specialty literally is printing.

So, should you purchase a marketing package? I cant' answer that. If you don't want to do it yourself, and you feel there's is robust enough to reach your sales goals, then yes.

If you want more info on what book marketing involves, go to, click on Virtual Conference near top left, then, click on Session #3 on Book Marketing for a free Audio download on the subject. You might also get a lot out of sessions 1 and 2 as well, but #3 adresses marketing. These will only be available free through May 15th, so suggest you download now even if you can't listen right away.

Note that even with tradtional publishing you will need to handle the lion share of marketing, especially as a first time author.

I hope that helps!

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