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I'm a first time author with a nonfiction book, and I've been offered a publishing contract from an independant commercial publisher.  What resources are available to help me ensure that it's a good contract, and I'm not being taken advantage of?


Congratulations, Mark!

First, whatever you do, don't go to your personal lawyer for advice on this one!  You need someone who knows literary law.  Try the web site for the American Society of Journalists and Authors.  I didn't check myself, but if memory serves, they offer something to unagented authors about contracts that will be helpful to you.

I'd also search the web on:  Literary contract negotiations and see what comes up.

This is also a golden opportunity to land an agent.  Agents have been known, for a smaller fee than usual, to negotiate a contract an author has already been offered.  They can do this a little cheaper because the author, you, have already done the leg work to interest a publisher.  You've been made an offer now the agent just has to finish negotiating the deal.  And, with your first contract under you belt, you're now a 'known' quantity and more appealing to an agent.  So if you go this route, make sure you mention you've got more books in you and also want future representation.

Be prepared that you will sign away all rights to your work.  Now, not all publishers buy all rights, but it's pretty standard right now.  An agent can help get you a bigger advance, better payment terms, and a promise of rights reversion to you if and when the publisher takes the book out of print.

Well, Mark, this is the short version.  Take a few days to do some research on literary contracts, maybe contact an agent or two.

Good luck!

Liz Aleshire
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