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I have always dreamed of becomming a novelist. I am currently working on a novel and have, at the moment, about 51,500 words and at least another few thousand before I am finished. But I DO, however, have a few questions.  I am only nineteen, so what are the odds that publishers will take my work seriously?  
Also, I have attempted to write novels before, but when I read them now, they sound juvenile. So, who's to say that my current novel doesn't sound juvenile, I just don't realize it?  
Also, how should I approach getting my novel published? Do I just set up an appointment with a local publisher?  
And should I go to a well-known publisher for my first novel, or start with a lesser-known one? Will I personnally have to spend money to get my book published?  
Thank you for any advice you may have.

Good for you and we have worked with authors older and younger.  You have a few ways to go after you finish the book/manuscipt you can send it to a few publishers and see if there is any interest or you can start your own publishing company and sell it yourself.  Self publishing is now becoming a huge business and you can get information at Dan Poynters site at, Brian Jud, beyond the book store and John Kremer 1001 ways to market your book.  Check them out and give it some thought if I can help let me know.

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