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I've written a number of articles which were published in national magazines. I'm a special education resource teacher and have submitted a manuscript to publishers tentatively called "The First Year Resource Teacher's Survival Guide."

I have a couple of questions:

1. Almost all of the publishers want to know if I have submitted this to any other publishing companies...why?

2. If accepted ( I know a big "if") what could I expect in terms of royalties?

3. One  of the publishers asked if I would be interested in a "one lump sum" payment as opposed to royalties. Not sure how I determine this.

4. Once a publisher picks up your manuscript is it easier to get subsequent manuscripts published from the same publisher?



1.  I don't know.  Most publishers with which I'm familiar expect authors to circulate proposals widely.

2.  The usual range if five to 10 percent, some offer lower percentages for paperbacks than for hardcovers.

3.  I'd ask him to propose an amount.  Then you can make up your mind.
4.  Most publishers who offer a contract want it to contain a clause that gives them first refusal rights to your succeeding manuscript.  I'd reject that provision.

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