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You have mentioned the importance of query letters. I have written one. Any tips on the format and what the letter should contain?

Does a statement of the books target readership go into the letter?

And the format. How should it be structured?

Make sure you personalize it! Include the agent or editor's name and address them in person rather than "Dear agent"

First paragraph: I have a manuscript I would like to show you, titled X. (Include some background information of why you think this manuscript would be a good fit for the agent/editor).

Second: Hook them in with one paragraph describing the entire manuscript. This is difficult, but essential. Touch on the main point of what your book is about, and try to tease the agent/reader as much as possible.

Third: Include any previous publishing history, thank them for their time, and tell them the manuscript is ready to be sent out.

Your name, signature

This should all fit on one page.

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