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Good morning.  My wife writes short stories as a personal hobby.  Our 14th Anniversary is approaching rapidly and I would like to to present her with a gift of her own writings in the form of a nice hardcover book.  Most of the sites that offer this type of service publish multiple copies of a person's work and the more copies you order, the cheaper the cost.  This gift idea would be for a single copy as a novelty gift.  Do you know of any sites that offer publishing when dealing with only a single copy?  One site, can do a single printing however that single printing is just as expensive as producing multiple copies.  Do sites like this exist?

Thank you in advance,

Jeff Aveck

Thanks for the question and nice of you to do this for your wife.  There are few places that will print one book for a resonable price.  The problem being is that all the surrounding pcs that need to be accomplished to make that book a reality cost the companies money so one book may have the total cost of 100 books which would be the case with our business.  I do not know how many pages you are talking about or the trim size.  You may want to consider doing 50-100 books and allowing your wife to give them as gifts if she would like to do that.  Check out Kinkos they may make you one or two books or if you let me know where you are located I may be able to find someone who can help you.  Have a great day.

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