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I have noticed that reader's tastes in subject matter tend to be a moving target. One year Mafia stories are popular and the next year its Military stories or Dinosaurs. Is there a was to track what the reading audience is currently interested in or do you simply write what you are interested in and hope that the reading public is interested too?

Yes, there are ways to track reading trends.  You can go online, read newspapers and magazines.  You should also consider reading magazines such as Mother Jones, Scientific American and Utne. Browsing in bookstores and talking to bookstore owners can be helpful, as well as keeping an eye on the New York Times bestseller lists.   

And certainly keep those trends in mind as you hunt for new ideas, but keep in mind that a lot of trends are here today and gone tomorrow. If your interests and background match current trends, you can certainly incorporate some of that new information in whatever you are writing.  

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