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Hi Mr Wales, I'm writing a story set in California, but I'd like to know how you would research this area geographically -- Really,I need to establish a routine which I can employ for any new location within a story...

Thanks for your time,any advice on this will be appreciated,


Call me "Mr. Wales" again and I'll give you all wrong answers!  Please call me Vince.  :)

Anyway... as for research, quite a lot depends on exactly what it is you need to know, and in how much detail.  

The Internet has, obviously, made all kinds of research MUCH easier for writers.  States have official homepages filled with all kinds of info.  So do most cities and towns.  The Yellow Pages are available for most locales, too.  There's also AllExperts' sister site, About.com, where many folks have sections about specific areas.  And of course, lots of regular ol' people have sites devoted to their towns.

Even geographical photos are available online at sites such as www.terraserver.com, where you can enter a town's name and get a full color image of it.  

And don't forget the best source of information: people who live there!  Chat rooms and email lists can make you a research "pen pal" real quick.

Real estate websites are often pretty useful, too, for getting an idea of what areas are like.

But as I said, it depends really on what sort of information you're looking for.  If you have more specific questions, just ask!

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