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I just wanted to ask you about writing Science Fiction. I'll admitt
I'm not an avid reader but I've been interested in learning to
write so I can get some of my ideas out there. My current
situation is I really have alot of time to do basically anything, I'm
25, live at home (sadly) and my life is drab. I do love authors like
Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, and others. So my question is
this... what would I need to learn in order to write books that an
editor would be willing to actually publish, aside from creative
ideas (I have plenty) I think proper grammer, etc. would be
important, otherwise why would they even care right?

Heck I probably already made alot of mistakes just typing this,
so what's my chances?

What's my chances, hahah that's not a right wording is it.

Well one idea I have is we open on this alien world but there is
something unusual about it. For as long as the people remember
there has been an object hanging in the sky, or rather just above
their planets atmosphere. They work on launching the first
space exploration to it so they can determine what it is.

That's part of my idea. How would I go about writing, an then
getting it published. I need money for college !


Wow, way to ask one of the broadest possible questions, dude.  You're essentially asking, "Can you tell me how to write a good book?"

Actually, what you're asking is, "Can you tell me how to write a book that'll get published?"  Not the same question.  Lots of mediocre books get published; lots of good ones don't.

Either way, you're essentially wanting to know how to write a novel.  And y'know what?  That's WAY too big a question for this forum.  I teach a full series of 8 three-hour classes just on what I believe are the basics for fiction writing.  And I have a totally separate 2-hour class on Science Fiction and Fantasy.  You wanna come to Sacramento and take my classes... great.  I'll teach you how to write a book.

Assuming that's not going to happen...  Get thee to a bookstore!  Normally I'd say "library," but truthfully, I have yet to see a library that has a truly good selection of books on writing fiction.  The Writer's Digest Book Club is awesome, if you want to go whole hog.  Otherwise, any decent-sized bookstore will have some tomes you can peruse.

Find ones that cover things you know you need help with, as well as ones that cover things you know nothing about.  "Theme?  Voice?  What the heck?"  Buy that book.  :)

If you CAN find some classes in your area, seriously consider taking them.  Find a writers group to join.  In fact, since you're looking to do SF, take a look at, an online writers group that deals purely with SF, fantasy, and horror (the "speculative fiction" triumvirate, so to speak).

Oh, yes... good spelling and grammar are essential.  An editor or agent will not even read something obviously written by someone lacking in such skills.

Anyway, this should give you a good start.  There's a lot to know about writing, and when you're starting from scratch, it's best to start crackin' the books.

Best of luck.

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