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I'm very interested in books such as "The Giver", "Fahrenheit 451", and others that tell of social science fiction, etc. I'm interested in writing a book or short story at least in this genre. What advice can you give me? What type of things should I consider writing about? And, what are the chances of getting published in this genre?

Thanks in advance!

Hello, Ryan!

Begin by studying the general trend of the THREE-ACT STRUCTURE upon which all dramatic works are based.

Next, study conflict and plot elements.

Now, study dialogue and character development and arc.

Brush up on your editing skills.

At this point you will be ready to write a STORY TREATMENT and an ACTION-ONLY OUTLINE.

With those tools in hand you may write a story, book, or script.  I left out a lot of details, this being a short guide to give you a direction to begin with.

As far as what to write about - read about the social issues of the day.  Find something that you are passionate about.  It must inspire enough drive in you to give up your social life, family, and free time for a year or more (in the case of a book).

Max Roth  

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