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Let me know if this question is too simple for your expertise. THANKS in advance.
I am writing an academic paper, and it looks like it will have 5 chapters. What I would like to do is start each chapter at the top of a separate page - yet have the capability to add material to previous chapters without changing the first page of succeeding chapters. I am working in Microsoft Word.

Hello Mr. Shiels:

Step one: Create a "New File" and title it with the title of your project.

Step two: Create each new chapter as a "new document."  

Step three: Save each document with its own title (Save As) - the best is probably Chap. one; Chap. Two; and so on.  Then save the document to your project file created in step one.

You may add or delete as much as you like from any document without affecting any of the other documents.  HOWEVER, YOU WILL HAVE TO WATCH YOUR PAGE NUMBERS AND CHANGE THE FIRST PAGE NUMBER OF YOUR VARIOUS DOCUMENTS ACCORDINGLY.

My best,
Youngbear Roth

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