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I have what I think is a great idea for a book.  I'm not a professional writer, though I do write quite a bit as part of my job.  I believe I can write this book on my own.

My question is more about the timeline of writing a book.  Should I start writing immediately, and only contact publishers/agents when I'm done, or do I contact them now with my idea and let them decide if it's good enough to become a real book?  Any help and advice you could give on what to do when would be greatly appreciated!



I'd suggest you proceed as follows:

1.  Identify publishers that have published the type of work you're contemplating (you can identify them in bookstores or libraries).

2.  Contact them and request copies of their prospectus requirements (most publishers want a prospectus consisting of several chapters, a chapter outline, and a marketing prospectus (estimate of sales).

3.  Prepare, duplicate, and circulate the prospectus to potential publishers.

Good luck.

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