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Dear Mr. Wales

As a young and aspiring author, I would be grateful to receive some of your wisdom and knowledge.

Hence the following question:

What things has your life and work taught you about the art of writing, especially based on your special interests and subject covered by your writing?

I'm open to any advice or feedback.

Thanks in advance,


PS. If you could have me read and master the contents of one book or course, what would it be?  

Hi, Brian...  I consider myself a "young and aspiring author," too!  :)

Very good question!  I like it!  I suppose the single thing I've applied to my writing that I've gotten from life is this:  Passion.

You often hear the expression:  "Write what you know."  I suppose that can be good advice, but better advice is:  "Write what you're passionate about!"  When you really CARE about something, it shows when you write about it.  It's so much harder to write well about things you're not interested in.  When you've got a spark inside you about something, it adds fire to your writing.  So find what it is that you're passionate about... in either direction!  Whether you love it or hate it... it's still passion.

I have things that I'm passionate about, and when I'm able to incorporate them into my fiction, I think it really adds an extra level of quality to it.  

As for your P.S...  That's a toughie.  I suppose if I must be honest, I'd say, "MY course."  I put together an 8-class series on fiction writing, drawing from probably 25 different books, as well as my own head.

Still, unless you live around Sacramento, you're out of luck with regard to that.

So what I'd say is that you should discover where your biggest weaknesses lie.  Are they with characterization, dialogue, conflict, etc?  And then evaluate a variety of books that specifically address your weaknesses.

The Writer's Digest Book Club has many fine books to offer, as would any large chain bookstore.

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For four years, I taught a series of fiction writing classes in Sacramento, CA.

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