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Dear Mr. Campbell

As a young and aspiring author, I would be grateful to receive some of your wisdom and knowledge.

Hence the following question:

What things have your life and work taught you about the art of writing, especially based on your special interests and subject covered by your writing?

I'm open to any advice or feedback.

Thanks in advance,


PS. If you could have me read and master the contents of one book or course, what would it be?  

Great question and tough to answer.  Writing is something you have to be very passionate about and quite frankly has to be written for your enjoyment.  If others find your writing interesting then you may have a potential market but who knows.  Many of the authors that I have delt with tell me about their S. King Model or their Grissom model but there is no model in my mind as many of these authors lived difficult lives and alot of variables had to come together for their books to become known and successful.   So in short you need to write, find folks who are interested and I don't mean publishers and see if self publishing is something that works for you as the competition is great and do not allow the vanity press folks blow smoke and take your money.

Books that I have enjoyed and still do are Dali Lama, The Bible, 5 people that you might meet in heaven and a whole host of others so I do not think their is one book.  My best to you and my email address is below.

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