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Dear Ms. Purling

As a young and aspiring author, I would be grateful to receive some of your wisdom and knowledge.

Hence the following question:

What things have your life and work taught you about the art of writing, especially based on your special interests and subject covered by your writing?

I'm open to any advice or feedback.

Thanks in advance,


PS. If you could have me read and master the contents of one book or course, what would it be?  

Hi Brian,

Sorry for the delay. This is a tough question. The best I can do is to tell you to read a lot in the genre you you want to write in. That's how I've learned. By reading, I've learned which publishers publish what, etc. I've also learned *tricks of the trade.* Such as, how to set up my story, where to end chapter, when to have the hero/heroine meet, etc.

Hope this helps!
Happy writing!

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I will answer questions about writing a romance novel. These questions can be regarding grammar, punctuation, style, emotion, conflict, POV, publishers, editing... pretty much anything regarding the writing aspect of romance novels. Areas I`m not as good in, but willing to give my opinion, are query and synopsis. I will be happy to critique a few pages (up to 10) of your work.


While not yet published in the romance field, I have had articles published in local papers. I am a published reviewer, both on and offline. I am also an editor for an e-publisher.

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