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I have finished writing a handbook for young customer care professionals.  It shows them how to relate to customers face-to-face, on phone, by e-mail, etc.  My problem is that I have not been able to come up with a book title I love.  Could you give me any suggestions?

Dear Allwell,
Thank you for your question. When you write a book you usually have a thing called a "working title." It may not be the ultimate title of the book, but it's a guiding light that embodies what you want the book to say. Your working title might be, "handbook for young c.c. professionals" or "everything a young c.c. professional needs to know." A working title represents the important concepts of the book in a short sentence, or phrase.
In order to find the book's actual title, you brainstorm all possible working titles and start making a list. Write down every darn thing that your book is trying to say. Try all sorts of combinations of words, even if they seem too long, even if they don't have that ring you want. Think of every possible verb, adjective, and noun that could possibly describe your book. Try all combinations of these you can think of. When you have written down pages and pages of ideas, then you can start to extract key words that you would like to see in your title.
You can also use "clustering," where you work out what you want to say, drawing circles around words and making spider webs with more words. (If you don't know clustering, read "Writing the Natural Way.")
Keep on brainstorming and going over your notes until you find the exact words you want. It's also helpful to do this with another writer. The other person will double your imagination and help you get to what it is your book is actually saying.
So, i recommend brainstorming and experimenting.
Also, in your final choice, avoid cutsie titles or titles that are too long. You want something that's sober, informative, descriptive, concise, and easy to remember.
I hope this helps.

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