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how can i stop having typical stories like:


something bad happens in life

gets upset

something happens to help

gets happy

the end

how do I make it origional.

People often find a problem in being origional and new because so many things have been done before and the human mind usually jumps to things we already know, like the typical storyline.

What you can do is either:

Try to take your own life and put it into the book, not your life story but say someone died who was close to you, take that and make that person find out that persons sectrets afterwards by, sorting through their stuff or answering phone calls from people asking after them. You could have it that they were a secret agent or something like that.

The other way is to take those 'typical events' and change them to mae it something new.
e.g. person - make them special, royalty, secret agent, priminister etc.

    something bad happens - death, found out secret / someone found out their sectet, charged with murder, terrorist attck etc.

    gets upset - goes crazy, destoys something important, hurts someone through anger etc.

    something happens to help - magic, person who died comes back, no one cares about secret, secret not true, gets off murder charge, fights terrorist attack etc.

    gets happy - has epiphany, put under spell, special consequence of happiness etc.

So I hope this helps and if you have any other questions please dont hesitate to ask me! Good luck!  

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