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Hi there. My name is Darien, and I'm 12, but I've been writing for quite a while. I've just been thinking recently and I have a few questions. Sorry to be so blunt, but I figure it's probably easier for you like this anyway:

1. Well I've been having awful writer's block (if thats what you can call it). I'll write, say, a page- stop (no idea what to write) then re-read it and absolutely HATE it. Also, I have sooo many ideas and so I'll start one and then stop because i want to star something else and it's making me sooo angry. Next:

2. I know, I AM young and everything- and i was wondering if that would be a problem if I felt like publishing my (at the moment, nonexistant) work. And Last:

3. I am very interested in Fantasy, but I am worried that my 'voice' isn't right for that style. What, if anything, can i do- or am i worrying for no reasion?

Thanks SO MUCH!
Much love, Darien.  

Hey Darien,
Firstly, allow me to apologize for the late reply. I've been having bad computer problems lately.

As for your question, I'd like to thank you for being blunt, makes it easier to understand and answer your questions.

1st Question:
My dear, it is only negativity that is taking over you. Don't allow it to effect you too much. Writer's block is a big problem for some writers, but the biggest problem is usually self-doubt. Usually writers will experience what I call "the bummer time" which is basically where you write, not really thinking but just allowing your fingers to type, and then you read it and think, "My god, what the..??"
But did you know, what you are doing, no matter how bad it may sound to you, the writing that you are doing is helping you. The thing that you have to do is write write write.. Never stop writing.
My advice for writer's block is to come up with a routine. Choose a time of day, where everyday you will be able to write at that time. Eventually, your brain will pick up it up and get into a habbit and everytime that time comes around, your creative side of the brain will take over..
Always, you have the same problem as me where you have a lot of ideas in your mind and you just want to write all of them. You think of one story line but come up with something better not long after. What I do is called dicipline. I write them down, but straight away go back to my original work. Or, I try to intermix my ideas into one. You should carry around a note book to write down ideas when they come to you, as well.

No 2:
Darling, I started writing at the age of 9. Not that anything I wrote was any good... but still.. Age doesn't really matter in my opinion. If you enjoy it, don't stop. I've always had a great passion for words, so story writing is my forte. Now, as for publishing, what you do is look about for a publisher. If you have a chosen publisher, you usually just go to their website and usually there is an email address where you can contact them one. You usually have to write a main character brief, and a synopsis of your story. If your story sounds right for their publishing, they'll ask you send them the first 3 chapters or so for a read. Never contact a publisher- unless its just for casual information- without work ready to show. They prefer it if your story is finished, or at least very close to, before you think about that.
As for your age, Christopher Paolini (writer of Eragon) was only 15 when he was first published, and Sorief Hummel- an author you would never have heard of- was only 13. Anything is possible.

3rd Question:
Voices are weird. I mean, you write in a particular way and you should stick to it. But sometimes it changes. Depends really on what you read and how you are feeling at the time you are writing. Now, that's not completely true, but it is all about the effects of your surroundings that influence the way you write.
Fantasy is a complex and interesting genre. I say you'll have to read a lot of them to make sure you're up to their standards, especially if you are choosing to be published by one of the main fantasy publishers. But, I'm not saying that on a personal level towards you. I'm just saying.
I think you shouldn't worry too much about your voice. Just write and finish your story and when you are finish, send it off. If that publisher doesn't want you, their loss, go to another one. Most writers do get rejected at first. It's a matter of finding the write publisher for you...

Hope I've helped!!!

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