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how do I avoid getting it? And when I do, how do I get rid of it?

Writers block, in a way, is similar to your food habits. Eat enough of one thing, and you'll most likely crave it more and more. Or, force yourself to eat vegetables, and eventually, you'll get used to the taste that you no longer have to force it down.
Writing all the time, at least once a day (even for just 10 minutes of jotting ideas) will help your mind to avoid writer's block. One thing a lot of writers do, (I personally for one), is write at a specific time everyday. What happens is, eventually, when you go to sit down at that time after your used to it, your mind will click that creativity needs to take over. At first, you will have to do a bit of forcing, but later on, it will pay off. You'll be sitting somewhere and your mind will randomly take over and create stories on its own.

Getting rid of writer's block takes a lot of will. Pretty much, sit down and write, even if it's not the story you are working on, write anyways. Don't worry whether it's any good. Just write.
Writing is one of those things that with experience and time, you get better. You might have 5 published books, but you'll still see that while your writing your 6th, you're still learning. You never stop learning when it comes to writing. That's whats special about it.
Hope I helped.
Happy writing.

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