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I write fictional short stories and have been doing so for around eight years. Nothing published. I work full time at a technical job and have found that it takes me 2-3 months to finish a short. I usually have friends read them and have not gotten a negative response yet, but I still feel like I am lacking. Does it normally take a good writer that long to finish a short story? Am I getting inaccurate feedback by using my friends as readers?

It generally takes me 5 years to write a novel, so I see no issues with a few months for a short story.  Don't worry about the time it takes you.  Just worry about the quality of it.

As for using your friends as readers... yes, this isn't usually a good idea, for two reasons.  First, who's to say that your friends really understand what makes a truly good piece of fiction?  Liking it isn't enough.  That's not a critical enough eye.  And second, it's rare that a friend will be fully honest with you, because they'll want to spare your feelings.  Sure, sometimes you do run across that rare friend who will pull no punches.  If you have a friend who's always brutally honest with you on other matters, even when it hurts, then you might well trust them to read your work.  But a friend who sugar-coats things isn't the test reader for you.

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