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How do you figure out your writing style?  Is it mostly trial and error or did you look at other authors and get ideas?
Do you ever worry about offending anyone with different ideas?
When you write poetry do you get really emotional?  

Yes, determining one's style, or voice, is just a matter of time.  A writer can adopt different "voices" for different works, but there will ultimately be a singular "voice" that is the author's own, and this just comes with time and lots of writing.

I find your second question a bit funny.  If you'd read my current novel, ONE NATION UNDER GOD, you'd know that I NEVER worry about offending people with ideas.  If people are offended by IDEAS, they deserve to be offended.

When I write poetry, it's usually the result of being emotional.  But the actual writing itself I take very seriously.  Emotions can get in the way of that, if you're not careful.

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I am a speculative fiction novelist (fantasy, science fiction, and so on). While I may be able to answer questions on non-fiction, my specialty is fiction. Please keep that in mind when asking questions.


For four years, I taught a series of fiction writing classes in Sacramento, CA.

BA in fiction writing.

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My 2004 novel, ONE NATION UNDER GOD, won BEST FICTION in Fresh Voices 2006, BEST FICTION and BEST YA FICTION in the NCPA Book Awards, and placed as a finalist in BEST BOOKS 2005. In 2002, my novel WISH YOU WERE HERE won awards for Best Fantasy and Best Fiction/Drama in the 8th Annual SPA Awards. My latest work is a trilogy titled THE MANY DEATHS OF DYNAMISTRESS (a superhero memoir). The first book, RECKONING, was released in 2013 and won the SF category in the 2014 San Francisco Book Festival, took second place in the 2013 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards for the SF/Fantasy/Paranormal category, second place in the SF category of the 2013 Reader Views Reviewers Choice Awards, and was finalist in Foreword's 2013 Book of the Year Awards, Fantasy category. The second book, REDEMPTION, will be released in early 2015 and the final book, RENAISSANCE, is scheduled for release in late 2016.

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