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Hi. I need help in exactly your field of expertise. I love to read and write and I have a very active imagination. I am attempting to write a book and I am having problems developing the characters. I know in my mind what I want them to be like but I don't know how to develop them within my story. Any ideas?

Answer active imagination.  Wonderful.  However what is in your mind is sometimes exceeding hard to translate into the written word.  Here are a few suggestions.
1 - Look for a character book at your local bookstore.  "Ten Steps to Creating a Memorable Character" is a good one, part text, part workbook.
2 - Join a writing group in your area. Can't find one, check with your local bookstore to see if they know of one
3 - Join an on-line writing group. There are hundreds
4 - Find a writing partner to bounce ideas off of.  Everyone who is published has some sort of a critique group that helps them
5 - Give yourself 10 minutes every day to write something, anything down on paper...because you can't edit and improve your writing until you have the words in front of you.
6 - Write back and let me know how your are doing.
Good luck.  Sue

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