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Okay, well I have actually got the plot down, and the few main characters. I found this awesome outline to get me thinking. Now that I am thinking it is hard for me to get to my plot from scratch, anything? Thanks again.
PS I really admire how you take time and help other people, even teens, get a book going. Thanks.
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To start off, I am a teen. I want to write a fantasy book, but I am not sure how to get the events organized. (Not sure what the events will be). Is there software or something to organize my story? or any way I can know what the story is before I start writing it down?
I appreciate your help. Thanks.

Yes, there are many software programs on the market.  As I've never used any, I can't give any recommendations, though.  However, none of them will help you until you do know what those events are going to be.

At this point in your process, I wouldn't worry about software.  But I would be concerned with learning as much about writing in general as I could.  Any number of books or classes can help you with this.

As for figuring out what your events are going to be, I assume at least you have some sort of premise, some idea of what the story is going to be about.  The next step is to create your characters, appropriate to the story, and get to know them really, really well.

That knowledge of your characters, combined with your premise, should lead you right into the events you need.

Best of luck.

I'm a firm believer in the idea of doing a lot of pre-writing in your head.  In your case, that means doing a lot of thinking about the characters in relation to the plot points you've come up with so far, as well as in relation to each other.  Things to consider would be, essentially, how will each plot point affect each character, for good or bad?  What sorts of things can they do to affect the plot points?  And so on.

As far as getting a kick start on the story, remember you want to begin your story just prior to the even that sets off the conflict.  You want to show your focal character just long enough that the reader will get a handle on what kind of person we're dealing with.

Consider Dickens' A CHRISTMAS CAROL.  We get to see Scrooge only for a brief time before the plot kicks in.  We see him at work, in a way that reveals a lot about his personality.  We see, within just a few pages, that he's crotchety, stingy, uncaring, etc.  Then he closes up shop for the night, goes home, and boom.  He's visited by spirits.

So what is the pivotal event that gets the ball rolling in your story?  How does it initially affect your main character?  What can you show about that character, before the event happens, that will quickly show us his/her personality?

Give that a shot and see where it takes you.

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