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For some time my favorite books to read have been romance/suspense/mystery novels.  You know the kind, guy saving the girl, trying not to fall in love ending up with wild nights together!  I want to know how to write a book like that, to keep the story going and how to come up with a GOOD, ORIGINAL idea!!  I really think this is something I could do with a slight push in the right direction.
Thank you!!

Hi Wendy,

If you read a lot of these stories, then you already know how to write one. Go with your heart. Is there a story floating around in your head? Go with it. Start plotting it out chapter by chapter. There are lots of little things that you need to know to write a romance. Such as...
1) Always end a chapter with a cliff hanger.
2) You must have internal and external conflict.
3) Depending on the line you are writing for, your hero and heroine need to get together by a certain point in the book. This point varies with different lines.

I highly recommend joining Romance Writers of America. Once you join the National, you can join local and/or online chapters. You can attend meetings and learn all you need to know about writing romance.

There are also several websites out there who give instruction on writing a romance. Some of my favorites are: (will have online workshops starting shortly),, (has fantastic, inexpensive workshops!)

I hope I've helped! Thank you for writing. I wish you the best of luck with your writing career and hope to see one of YOUR books on the shelf of my local bookstore, soon!

Happy Writing!

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I will answer questions about writing a romance novel. These questions can be regarding grammar, punctuation, style, emotion, conflict, POV, publishers, editing... pretty much anything regarding the writing aspect of romance novels. Areas I`m not as good in, but willing to give my opinion, are query and synopsis. I will be happy to critique a few pages (up to 10) of your work.


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