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I am a African American female and I served in the United States Navy from 1988-1996 which including the Gulf War.  I have a interesting story to tell which I have started to write.  Where do I begin and who would be interested in my military career?

Hi there---

I'm not an expert on autobiography, so, you may want to query a few others, however, here's my two cents worth on what sounds like a very interesting story!

Where to begin (that I can help with!):
<li>Capture as much information as you can.
<li>Don't worry about it being in order, just capture it.
<li>Any time you can supplement what you capture with photos, dates, references, etc, do so.
<li>Worry about ordering and the story line later
<li>Contact anyone who can add to your story and interview them, or hire someone to interview them ASAP
Next, spend time becoming very clear on What successful publishing will look like to you? (Fame and fortune? Revealing an untold story? Notoreity? Personal growth?)

A final point to ponder:<br><br>
<li>Is there something incredibly compelling about your specific story?<br><br>
So, you get the idea...three things need to happen when you decide to publish... one, gather information; two, know why you are writing and three, contemplate and if possible confirm (not with your best friends and relatives who will tell you what you want to hear) that your story is engaging.

Hope that helps even alittle!

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