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We actually have five questions, and we would be happy for any answers you can give us.
1. Do writers need to have an agent?
2. Is it hard to find a publisher who will publish your novel?
3. Is it easier or harder to get a fantasy novel published as opposed to other genres?
4. Do writers have to send anything more than a manuscript to a publisher?
5. Do you have any other advice for new writers?

1.  Not exactly, but it certainly helps, especially for book-length fiction writers.

2.  Very much so.  This is where an agent helps immensely.

3.  I don't think so.  Certainly, some genres become "hot" at different times.  Right now, "chick lit" is popular, for example.  Fantasy always has a strong base, but with the recent popularity of the Harry Potter books, as well as the Lord of the Rings films, it's doing quite well.

4.  Publishers will want different things.  The best way to find out what they want is to pick up a copy of a publication such as WRITER'S MARKET.  This lists all the publishers and details exactly what they're looking for.  

5.  Well, first of all, become the best writer you can be.  That means taking classes, reading books about writing, and of course, writing.  A LOT.  It takes a long time to find your "voice" as a writer, and you'll be amazed at how much your writing will improve from one year to the next if you work on it.  Secondly, become familiar with the publishing industry.  Pick up some books on the subject, talk to people in the industry, etc.  It helps to know what you're getting into!

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I am a speculative fiction novelist (fantasy, science fiction, and so on). While I may be able to answer questions on non-fiction, my specialty is fiction. Please keep that in mind when asking questions.


For four years, I taught a series of fiction writing classes in Sacramento, CA.

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My 2004 novel, ONE NATION UNDER GOD, won BEST FICTION in Fresh Voices 2006, BEST FICTION and BEST YA FICTION in the NCPA Book Awards, and placed as a finalist in BEST BOOKS 2005. In 2002, my novel WISH YOU WERE HERE won awards for Best Fantasy and Best Fiction/Drama in the 8th Annual SPA Awards. My latest work is a trilogy titled THE MANY DEATHS OF DYNAMISTRESS (a superhero memoir). The first book, RECKONING, was released in 2013 and won the SF category in the 2014 San Francisco Book Festival, took second place in the 2013 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards for the SF/Fantasy/Paranormal category, second place in the SF category of the 2013 Reader Views Reviewers Choice Awards, and was finalist in Foreword's 2013 Book of the Year Awards, Fantasy category. The second book, REDEMPTION, will be released in early 2015 and the final book, RENAISSANCE, is scheduled for release in late 2016.

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