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I  need  help from someone who has written a book. I've got four boxes of notebooks filled. I'm not sure how to start. All I do know is that I HAVE TO WRITE THIS BOOK!-I'm not sure if I should have an outline first, or just start writing and let the characters take free reign. How do I know which is the best way?
More important , I'm surrounded by doubting thomas' who don't  believe I  could do this to save my life. so I have'nt  told them.I need someone who understands this experince. Someone I can trust to share my trials  of trying to accomplish this huge undertaking without worrying about being critasized for even trying. I have no money.  Poverty would be a step up for me at this point. Is there anyone who can help mentor me or at least point me in the right direction that won't cost me alot money?


Good for you and don't despair.  The best guide for this is Dan Poynter at  Get his book on self publishing and read it it will be the best investment you will make on all facets of writing.  Many of our customers follow it to the letter and have done well.  Let me know if I can be of further assistance.
Tom Campbell

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