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Mr. Roth:

In the marketing statment of my query, I'd like to list sucessful recent private eye titles as books similiar to mine. I can think of Walter Mosley as the most recent. Is there a way to list more  of such recent bestselling titles?
I'd like to list the books that made the most profits out of all of them.


Hello Demetrius:

I am glad to read that you are working on your query.  I googled in "detective fiction best sellers profits" and came up with a tremendous amount of research resources.  Among the links and such appeared the following:
American Crime Writers League; Mystery Writers of America; Publishers Weekly; Overbooked; The New York Times Best Seller list; and on and on...  How about googling in "book sellers associations" for leads?

Hey, get sneaky!  Think outside the box!  If I were going to query a publsher with my detective book, I would call that publisher, or group of publishers and talk to the sales department.  Work the conversation around and ask, "Oh, say, who is your best selling mystery writer at the moment?"  Be sure to use that name in your query to that publisher and other publishers.  I'd also try digging around sites like Amazon.com to see if I could find figures for the number of books sold recently by so 'n so, or of a certain title.

However, getting the actual profit figures will be difficult if not impossible.  You might try something like this in your query:

"...in the same group genre as proven best selling authors like Walter Mosley, etc., etc., etc. ..."

Let me know how it goes, also, if you feel you have received the level of service you requested, please leave a comment with AllExperts - comments let me know if I am reaching my mark.

Youngbear Roth

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