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I have this question that I'm afraid I'll have to do some character background explaining. I'm attempting to write a zombie novel in which there are actually two main characters. My question is relevant really only to the second Character. This Character is, for lack of a better term, a pig. Right from the start of the book you see this young man basically using women. I wont say exactly what for do to the audience that may see this but i will say they are not just for him to go skipping down the street with. This character is supposed to be very good at getting what he wants from these women/young ladies. Here is my problem. I'm not a girl and I don't want to write him so that he gets what he wants using way's that real women will look at it and get angry because it would never REALLY work. If you could help me I'd greatly appreciate it. If I need to be more specific please let me know.
thanks again,
Robert O. Black (hopeful Author Name)

Answer are not alone, as this is a question many writers to express emotion in (or for) the opposite sex.  The best answer I ever heard was from a seasoned author...he said...forget gender and simply think emotion and physical reactions.  Fear is fear and love is love. Ex. If you are afraid, your hands sweat, your insides shake, etc. It makes no difference which sex you are, these things happen. So.. think 1 - stimulus (what is causing the problem), 2 -internalization (thought and/or emotion inside the viewpoint character) which explains and leads directly to the 3 - external event or response....and you can't go wrong.  

As to what the reader will think.  You can't possibly "please" everyone. This is fiction. Hone in on the emotions.  The reader will always put his or her own "spin" on the situation anyway.  


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