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i really want to write a book and have for a couple years, i want to write a book that cant be read in a hour like The Pearl by Steinback or some Goosebumps series. I want to write a book that will take time to read, i want to write fiction but have little idea of what to write. i was thinking along the area of a chase novel or a horror. i just need to be pointed in the right direction. almost anything would help, thanks

Hello, Sean!

One of the most noble aspects of being human is our ability to communicate to each other how we view the wonder of living; that's a tall order, so, you are correct when you say that you require direction.

The first thing I must tell you, is that when reading your question, I am also reading a sample of your writing.  At this time, it is obvious that you need to take English, literature, and creative writing courses.  You need practice in writing 'style' and 'mechanics', and a good teacher will guide you along the path.  Sean, trying to write a book when you have yet to learn how to spell a word or punctuate a sentence is setting yourself up for great frustration.  Also, the more literature and creative writing courses you take, the more ideas you will be exposed to.

I envy your journey of discovery, Sean!  Also, I suggest that you begin your writing journey by keeping a journal.  One day you will find yourself writing a journal entry that might never end - one that you must return to again and again.  I suspect, that journal entry will be your book.

My best to you!

Max Roth

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