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Dear J.L.,
  I am writing my memoirs from the 60ís and want to understand a few things about writing a book before I get too deep into it.  I recently found notes that I put down after I got out of the navy in the early 70ís and they were way to funny not to compile into a book.
1.    What is the average number of words I should work around for a 250 page book?
2.   What font and font size should I use?
3.   I want to double space.  Is that a problem?
4.   I am having a couple friends reviewing the pages as I draft them.  Too risky?
5.   As my writing is not what it used to be, what is the best way to make it more colorful, readable, and marketable once my 1st draft is done?
6.   And of course, what is the best way to market it?

Thanks, Dick Schlueter
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Hello Richard,

Interesting questions... for 250 pages, you'd be looking around 70,000 to 80,000 words. I've used a 12pt and yes, double spacing is fine. In fact, some agents and publishers insist on it.

If you have no worries about your friends and copyright, then it is often recommended that you have others read your materials for grammar and plot errors. Or, you can hire someone to edit your work for you.

Sometimes, adding too much flair causes your work to become cluttered with filler, and clouds the plot and bores the reader. Just write as you remember. Have an editing service read it over and make grammar corrections, spelling corrections etc. There will be a fee for this, so be prepared.

Go to Predators & Editors.com for a list of agents, editors, publishers, writing groups, editing services, etc...


Lulu.com if you'd like to self-publish. They also have lists of editing services and their charges.

Good luck, Richard, I wish you success!


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