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My book is based on a mix of cornish myth and legends, but I am unsure what age group to pitch it at. The characters will appeal to a variety of age groups and I am also trying to be accurate in the historical mining side of it. Is it possible to strike a middle ground for universal appeal or is it better to aim it at one particular market?
thanks for your time, Tony


It's almost always best to aim at a specific market.  When it comes to marketing your book, you'll find that going for the niche market is a much easier thing to do.

My first novel was a fantasy.  As you probably realize, it's hard to pin down who, exactly, is the target audience, because people from all walks of life enjoy fantasy novels.  So the marketing for it was ridiculously difficult.  My forthcoming novel, however, has built-in target audiences for it.  The story deals with modern-day paganism, atheism, bisexuality, and other "issues."  My audiences are out there, and they're organized, and easier to market to.

Take a look at what you've chosen, as an example.  You haven't chosen all Celtic myths & legends, just Cornish ones.  While a book on all Celtic stuff wouldn't be difficult to market (and certainly easier than a broad book on myths & legends of all cultures), limiting it to Cornish narrows down your targeted audience even further.

It seems to me that with a topic such as this, it wouldn't be too wise to shoot for the younger crowd.  Mainly because younger people aren't even going to be likely to understand the significance of "Cornish."  They'll only be looking at the fun factor.

And also, if you want to go for the historical aspect, you're almost guaranteeing an older audience.

My nickel (adjusted for inflation).


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