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Hi Dorothy - I've been mulling over a book idea and wonder if it has merit or is the market saturated with books along this line?  I'd like to focus on the changes - growth and grieving - of women who are poised at the brink of the next phase of their lives.  That is, women who have been married for 20+ years and their children are leaving home.  How do these women "re-invent" and refocus their lives?  What if they were given a nurturing time period when they could focus inwardly to rediscover what THEY want?  What would they come up with?  Where would their incredible energies take them? etc. etc.  AND if this idea has potential, what do I do next?  Thank you for your time and thoughts.  Janet

Your idea indeed has potential!  You should make a point about these women after interviewing a few of them or having them fill out a survey.  Perhaps you can also interview doctors, psychologists, sociologists, women's studies professors.  

Reading your description, I wondered who your book's intended audience was. Knowing this will enable you to write more specifically. A publisher would also be interested in knowing who your audience is as well.

Next, consider brainstorming possible working titles for the book and even a tentative table of contents. When you contact publishers, you will be able to describe your book more effectively and persuasively, along with your related qualifications for writing it.

Then find publishers in the 2004 Writer's Market at your library's reference department.  Or consider buying your own copy at the bookstore.  Make a list of ten possible publishers, develop a letter that describes your book, and mail it, along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to each publisher.  The length of time that you will have to wait varies and you can expect a few "no thank yous."  But that will be fine because you will have other query letters out there.

Good luck!  

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