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I am writing a christian book. It is typed and ready for printing and publishing.I would like to know how to procede.

Thanks for the question.
Is the book formatted in MS Word or some other application program?  If it is get the page count, select a trim size which should be 5.5X8.5 or 6X9 probably with a 4 color cover and get some quotes.  Start off with a small amount like 100 books. Check on the internet for online pricing so you get a feel for the cost.  You will submit your files to the printer, he will provide a proof for your final review.  Take your time reviewing the proof as it is you last chance to make sure the book is as right as it can be.  Carefully check the front, spine and back cover for errors and the first 18 pages of the book.  Make any changes necessary and move forward with your approval.  Get on the info list as their is plenty of free info.
If I can be of further assistance let me know.

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